Maslow Needs Marketing

What would be the penalty if you could predict the buying trends over the next year. What if the next few weeks? Using the principles of the Maslow hierarchy of needs, you can use the news to predict what your customers will buy in the future.

Early in his career, Abraham Maslow noticed that some things were more important than others. For example, water is more important than food. To die of thirst in a few days, but most people live more than a month without food. Furthermore, you will die in a few minutes without oxygen. Therefore, the air is much greater than water.

You may wonder what this has to do with marketing. Well, go ahead. When reality hits you, it will be worth the wait.

Maslow also noticed that there was a regular at the needs that were added when people had enough of the need to base. The first level of needs he labeled as physiological (basic needs for body function) needs. When these needs are met, people respond to security needs. Safety needs consist of things like a safe environment, protection and stability of the government. These are the needs that keep you having anxiety and fear.

The next level of needs are those dealing with love and belonging. These are things like friends, life partners and children. But if you lose your safety or your body basic need, you can not worry about your family and friends until they take care of those needs.

If your love and belonging needs are met, then you should try to get their needs met estimates. These needs include things like fame, recognition and reputation. These esteem needs include not only what others think of you, but think of yourself.

The final level is different than the previous four. It involves the desire to be all you can be. This is the level where people try to maximize their potential. He called the level of self-actualization.
Now comes the reward. How can you use this knowledge to predict buying patterns? Well, maybe now you’ve discovered. If not, be prepared for a great reward.

For example, think of the events of September 11. That day, the world changed. There was an immediate awareness of the threat to all civilized nations. At that time, the needs of many minds were mainly security.
You can probably think of the sale because of this change. There would be a huge demand for things that would improve the safety of persons. Demand for everything from training of personal weapons security personnel has increased.

Because the need for security is placed in the hierarchy, there was a real change in the demand for food and water – or clean air for that matter.

However, consider what was not – no way – in the minds of everyone at the time. Things like art classes and even politics took a back seat to the basic need for safety.

By tracking the news and public opinion, you can largely predict what people will spend their time and money. When things go well, they tend to spend more money – sometimes huge amounts – on things higher up the pyramid.

So here is the rule. When things go wrong. Market things in the layer of the hierarchy where people feel their need. When things go well, put more emphasis on marketing things that appeal to the satisfaction of the car of the people.

Maslow Needs Marketing

Marketing, Maslow Needs Marketing

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