The Key to Growing Your Email List is Content

When it comes to making your fortune on the internet, you’ll hear time and time again that building your list should be one of your main priorities. It basically means you’ll have a collection of names and email addresses of people who are guaranteed to be interested in what you have to offer.
The main problem with building a list is encouraging people to sign up. A few years ago it may have been easy to get people to hand over their email address in the promise of getting regular updates, but not so anymore.
Nowadays you’ll need to give them an extra reason to subscribe – especially when they’re already subscribed to so many other marketers.
Some incentives to join an email list could include:
  • Free reports on various subjects
  • Exclusive member discount codes to products or services
  • Being the first to find out about your latest launches
  • Free PLR products
  • eBooks
  • An eCourse (delivered in parts every few days via email) that teaches something valuable
The Benefits Of Using Follow Up Emails
Although most marketers will choose to give something away in the first email as an immediate gift (usually a short report), they’ll often schedule a sequence of email messages to automatically build up a relationship with their new subscriber.
When this comes in the form of an eCourse, this could mean sending out a new “lesson” every other day. The first few lessons will be pure content – teaching new skills, giving out free resource links and so on. Once enough of these lessons have been sent to build up a connection, the list will include affiliate links or product promotions every few emails.
Your eCourse could be something like “how to build a blog in 7 days” or “how to cure x without drugs”. It is free information, and it offers something of genuine value.
At the same time, your eCourse is scheduled in advance and will start sending, in sequence, whether you get a new subscriber today or a year in the future. It means “hands-off” selling that allows you to take the time to focus on building new material.
Where Does PLR Come In?
Many people decide against PLR for their blog content because they feel it’s not “unique” in the eyes of the search engines. But with an email list you don’t have that problem: the content is sent out through email, which the search engines have nothing to do with.
This is why it’s perfectly acceptable to use autoresponder PLR for your eCourse, as long as you know it does provide that value, and that it can build trust with your readers. Just edit it to include your own links, personalize it a little and you can start building your list today!

The Key to Growing Your Email List is Content

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